Reducing Cancer Risks Drinking Water

It’s widely publicized, the cancer causing risks that we face on a daily basis. Dr. Peter Greenwald mentioned many factors that lead to cancer; sun exposure, tobacco use, obesity, diet, and alcohol to name a few. Little attention however is given to reducing cancer risks drinking water. Insight into the amount of water an individual takes in direct relation to cancer, will be briefly touched upon.

Cancers that may be directly related to fluid intake are bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer. D. Michaud found a correlation with fluid intake and the risk of bladder cancer. There are a number of studies that you may review to learn the details of what the doctors have found.

Studies on Reducing Cancer Risks Drinking Water

Here are three studies that we found on just this topic. Many more studies will have to be performed to better understand the conclusive outcome to the benefits of drinking water, but these are certainly a start.

  • “Drinking, micturition habits, and urine concentration as potential risk factors in urinary bladder cancer” by Braver DJ, Modan M, Chetrit A.
  • “Relationship of food groups and water intake to colon cancer risk.” by Shannon J, White E, Shattuck AL
  • “Metabolic effects of water deprivation.” by Hohenegger M, Laminger U, Om P,


These studies show the correlation between cancer prevention and water drinking as well as the benefits in drinking your “8 glasses of water per day.” It’s long been believed that to be healthy and properly hydrated, every single person needs to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and we need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but how much water is enough? The “8 a day” guideline was put in place as a way to encourage people to drink water but does that guideline of 8 glasses of water a day apply to everyone?

Activity Level and Drinking Water

How active are you? Work, exercise, and everyday life will determine just how much water you need to drink every day. Water lost through sweat and saliva needs to be replenished. If you don’t sweat much during the day and don’t partake in strenuous physical activity, you don’t necessarily need to consume as much water as someone who does but if you are very active, you may need more than 8 glasses of water per day.

Body Type and Drinking Water

People are simply built differently.The guideline of 8 glasses per day doesn’t apply to everyone because everyone isn’t built the same. Body type, activity level, and age should all be considered when determining how much water to drink per day. A small child probably can’t easily consume that much liquid in their waking hours, nor do they need to. The elderly may not move around as much as younger people, so they may not need to consume quite as much water as an active 30 year old adult.

Environment and Drinking Water

Your body absorbs or loses moisture based on the air around you. Sitting sedentary all day in a dry location will suck the moisture from your skin and body and require hydration. Residents of high desert environments, like Las Vegas, need more water than people living in humid environments like Florida.


The guideline of 8 glass of water a day may not apply to everyone but it is a good place to start. If you find yourself feeling thirsty throughout the day, try upping your water consumption to see if you feel better.

These studies support the beneficial effect of water drinking on cancer prevention in addition to other lifestyle factors, such as smoking avoidance or cessation, moderation of alcohol consumption, and treatment or prevention of obesity. Future clinical and epidemiologic studies might help to further define the role of water intake for cancer prevention.

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