Alkaline water has purported as a powerful drink that aids a plethora of medical conditions. However, it remains to be unproven and has become a subject of debate of many studies. Determining for yourself, and doing your own research will help you to make an educated decision on the much debated topic.

Drinking water any time you’re thirsty is the healthy way to quench your thirst. There are times during the day drinking water can be more beneficial to you than others. But is there a difference in alkaline water vs. tap water? Check out these suggestions below!

Morning Water Consumption : Best Alkaline Water Benefits, True or False?

Your digestive system sleeps just like you do. Drinking a large glass or two of healthy water right when you wake up will kick start your digestive system to get it ready for the day. Add a little lemon juice to kick start your metabolism. Your body gets slightly dehydrated overnight since you aren’t taking in any fluids while you sleep. Your body still excretes sweat while you sleep, especially if you’re not sleeping in optimal conditions. Replacing fluids lost overnight helps jump start your day. Most people drink their coffee in the morning as well. Water helps to keep you hydrated even while coffee can dehydrate you.

During Work Outs : Best Alkaline Water Benefits, True or False?

Another part of a healthy lifestyle is getting regular exercise. While you work out and sweat, depending on intensity and length of workout, you lose about 23 oz. of fluids per hour. The science behind staying properly hydrated includes more than just water. Your body loses electrolytes while you sweat as well. Preparing for your workout with proper nutrition will help ensure you have enough energy to get through your workout. Average people performing average workouts don’t need all the sugary, calorie filled sports drinks that were designed for high performance athletes. In fact, the reason behind sports drinks hydrating you isn’t really what you think. The salt in sports drinks makes you thirsty and likely to drink more water. Weigh the pros and cons of sports drinks vs. just water and you’ll probably find that, for the average person, water more than does the job to keep you hydrated during a workout.

Water Consumption With Meals : Best Alkaline Water Benefits, True or False?

Lubricating your esophagus while eating helps ensure you don’t choke on your food. You can drink tea, coffee, sodas, or alcoholic beverages with your meals but the best way to lubricate and hydrate is with water! Water also helps you feel fuller so you eat fewer calories during your meal. Drinking water throughout the day can help keep you healthy and hydrated!

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