How Las Vegas Water Technology Is Leading The Way

Las Vegas has many unique attributes including a water slide through a shark tank, a heavy equipment rental experience that allows (almost) anyone to try their hand at a bulldozer, and they are pioneering the way public utilities handle droughts.

That last point might not be as exciting for tourists as the first two but for Las Vegas businesses and residents, it means sustainability and growth.

Investing in Technology | Las Vegas Water Technology

One of the most critical ways Las Vegas is leading the way in water technology is by making a big investment in it.

Since Las Vegas is situated in a desert climate and water will always be a hot issue when addressing residential and commercial growth, the city has chosen to ensure it’s future is bright, and wet, by investing in water technology. The Las Vegas Valley Water District has put a great amount of effort into water reduction plans, catching leaks early, and plans and technology for recycling water for reuse.

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