Technology is ever evolving and water tracking gadgets technology is no different. Regardless of how you’re interacting with water, there’s a gadget to track it!

Leak Detection

Both residential and commercial buildings can benefit from leak detection.Water leaks can be costly if they are left too long.They also waste water which, especially in San Diego’s drought, is detrimental to more than your wallet.

Smart Water Bottles

Staying properly hydrated is critical to good health. There are a number of water tracking water bottles available on the market that can help you stay hydrated without any work on your part.

Illuminated Shower Head

When your city is in a drought, every little bit helps. One way you can help it to cut down on the length of your showers. One product on the market called the Uji has a light that gradually changes from green to red while your shower time ticks away. Once the light is red, it’s time to get out of the shower. This simple change can save money and energy, not to mention time!

Waterproof Fitness Trackers for Swimmers

Water is also often used to maintain physical health. Swimming burns calories and is an efficient workout that is gentle on your joints. Fitness trackers that are waterproof can be used underwater during your workout to keep track of healthy activity anywhere.

New and Future Technology

There are new gadgets in the works to help reduce household water use. This portable hot tub hammock is on the market now and means you can have a relaxing spa experience literally anywhere. There are new gadgets being invented all the time and there’s no telling what will be next!

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