As companies learn more about manufacturing and filtration processes, the bottle water technology used for every industry improves. There is new bottle water technology that companies in the industry use to ensure they are supplying the most clean water to customers. Drinking the most clean, fresh water available means you will be properly hydrated and this new bottle water technology can help!


Typical water filtration is designed to remove most harmful particles from water. This ensures it is clean and safe to drink. There are new technologies that help to create ultra pure water cleanliness in an efficient manner that is also environmentally friendly. Some of these include good microorganisms that remove particles, purification using sand, and particle purification processes that can help clean waste water.

While clean water is widely available from the tap in most US locations, that isn’t true in all countries and locations. While backpacking or for those living in areas without access to clean water, a recent innovation called Life Straw. The Life Straw is a huge leap forward in water technology and while not bottled, it is taking steps to get clean water to everyone

Personal Water Bottle

We all know individual, disposable water bottles are harmful to the environment and we are always on the lookout for the best reusable bottle to use.

The Vida Hydration Vessel is comprised of Kor’s innovation spout and is unique from other stainless steel water bottles because it doesn’t smell or taste like steel! Many people need a little incentive to drink more water, or at least a flavor other “just” water. Water bottles that provide infusion features, like the Zinger water bottle, make adding flavors to water even easier.


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