Wondering if you should purchase a water cooler? You may be looking for a few extra reasons to go ahead and make the purchase. Silver Springs provides cost effective solutions for all your water needs. Here are the top 4 reasons for purchasing a water cooler.


When you need a cold drink of water, a water cooler provides a simple, convenient solution.

Ready and waiting for the next time you need a drink, your water cooler is the perfect solution to all your hydration needs. Some water cooler options also have a hot water function which means you could have hot water for tea or other hot beverages right at your fingertips!

No waiting for a kettle to boil or the microwave to do it’s work when you have a hot/cold water dispenser on standby.

Cost Savings

Consider how many times you’re grocery shopping and grab a case of bottled water. You want the convenience of fresh, bottled water but those disposable bottles can really add up.

Think of it as buying bottled water in bulk- we all know that’s cheaper than buying smaller portions!


If you are an avid bottled water drinker, you could be throwing away hundreds of plastic bottles every year. Even if you recycle those bottles, the energy it takes to process them for reuse is astronomical compared to the minimal environmental impact from a water cooler.


Fresh, clean water is critical to maintaining good health. Having the best, healthiest water available means you will get proper hydration no matter what. You can even get negative ion water delivered for your water cooler, making your water drinking experience even more beneficial.


Silver Springs can be provide great options for water coolers when you are ready to make a purchase.

Your water options are unlimited with a water cooler- check out our website today for more information!

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