Anything we can do to get healthier is welcome and in the age of convenience, simply switching the water you drink sounds like a great way to reap health benefits. It’s important to understand what negative ion water is and why we should drink it. Keep reading to find out about the amazing health benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water!

What is Alkaline Water?

Negative ions are water molecules that have lost an electron. They can be found pretty much anywhere; in the air and in the water you drink. Negative ion water is water that contains these molecules without electrons. Exposure to negative ions in the air and water helps you feel more alert, fresh, and healthy. Negative ions are created when a force upsets molecules or a natural change happens.

A waterfall has tons of negative ions where the water churns at the bottom. Negative ions are also released near plants, where photosynthesis processes create an ion imbalance Any place full of nature like a forest, waterfront, or park is a great place to breathe in negative ions.

How to Get It

The easiest, most convenient way to get negative ion water is to have Silver Springs water delivered right to your home or office. Our negative ion water is the best available. Drinking Alkaline Water, or negative ion water, is the best kind of water for you since the water is more readily absorbed by your body to help with proper hydration.

Other ways to get negative ion water are “water ionizers” but there is discrepancy about whether or not some of these products works.


Drinking negative ion water can help you feel better both physically and mentally. Get all your negative ion exposure and pour yourself a cup of negative ion water from Silver Springs and go for a nature walk. Contact us at Silver Springs today to see how you can get negative ion water delivered wherever it is convenient for you!

Why Silver Springs Water?

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