Las Vegas water has been in the news again this month! Below are a few of the highlights.

Contradiction on the State of Las Vegas Water

Remember last month how most of the news around Las Vegas water involved how it was all going dry? This article published by the Review Journal goes exactly the other way and says to ignore all of that. The sassy article states that all those headlines about the desert running out water are just there to sell papers or keep people on their toes.

Las Vegas Water in the News

Conversation effects have been in effect in Nevada for decades. Having a city in the middle of the desert, especially a city the size of Nevada, requires a lot more forethought than some people may think.

People local to Las Vegas know how much work has been done in terms of conservation efforts including construction mandates for low-flow faucets and toilets as well as lawn size restrictions and outdoor water laws. It’s worth noting, one of the articles highlighted last month was from the Review Journal regarding falling Lake Mead water levels. The moral of the story? Do your own research and fact checking and try not to trust a single source.

Las Vegas Water In Politics

One article focuses on Pat Mulroy who was the head of the Las Vegas Water District. It is an interesting expose on a woman they call “bullish” while detailing her time working for the City of Las Vegas. She helped to shape Las Vegas’s water situation today and, if nothing else, the mob stories and history will interest you!

Las Vegas water and gardening woes

Las Vegas Water and Gardening Woes

Interestingly, the Review Journal also responded to a reader’s question about their canary palms. They state almost immediately that canary palms aren’t desert plants- they are oasis plants and require a lot of water to be properly hydrated. A bit later, when discussing a possible disease on a peach tree, one of the solutions is ensuring the plant is getting enough, but not too much, water. Water is just as important for your plants as it is for you!


Las Vegas will require continued water conservation efforts to ensure its population can continue to grow. Help converse local water by getting Silver Springs bottled water delivered right to your door!

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