Las Vegas water routinely makes the news. This month has been focused heavily on Lake Mead, especially since the summer is heating up and people are getting out on the lake more often.

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A Closer Look at Las Vegas Water

Las Vegas has often topped lists with regards to the housing market, population growth, and what that means for the La Vegas economy. Lately, Las Vegas has been noted for making fewer waves than usual. An article by On Earth predicts the water shortage in Las Vegas and in Lake Mead will quickly become a problem Vegas can’t solve. The reality looks grim and this article references many other articles and studies that back up its concerning hypothesis; Vegas may not have the water it needs to sustain the growth it is seeing.

Just the Facts about Las Vegas Water

The Review Journal posted an article about the falling Lake Mead water levels. The lake’s water level has fallen to the lowest level it has seen since it was filled back in 1937.If the lake’s water level continues to fall, and gets below the 1,075 mark as it is expected to, it will trigger a state of emergency. Lake Mead may no longer be the water source it is for Las Vegas if the water levels keep dropping.

A Glimmer of Hope for Las Vegas Water

Parts of an article written by the New York Times may give hope to the drought situation.They spoke with the general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority who explains a little bit about steps being taken to put less burden on the lake. Lake Mead’s beauty and usefulness are very much on their minds and they are considering the future of the water and the Lake.

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