Drinking Water and Cancer is a rising and notable concern. Most all chemicals related to humans will end up in our water supply. This is why organizations such as the Las Vegas Valley Water District are adamant about maintaining a healthy water supply. Carcinogens found in drinking water generally come from contaminants such as arsenic, asbestos, radon, lead, chlorination, and uranium to name a few. The LVVW District regulate for 91 contaminants in tap water under ‘primary standards’ set by the EPA, and 50 unregulated contaminants.

Drinking Water and Cancer Causing Contaminants

One of the most concerning drinking water contaminants withe regard to cancer, is that of arsenic. Arsenic is linked to cancers of the kidneys, bladder, lungs and liver. The by-product of drinking water treatment by chlorination, also causes a great drinking water cancer risk. Chlorination by-products have been attributed to 5k-8k cases of rectal cancer in the United States each year. Fluoridation of water has been in question recently, but little has been proven to show it’s connection to cancer.

What Can I do to Drink Healthy Water and Avoid Drinking Water and Cancer?

Your best bet to avoid these toxins is to ensure that your family is consuming Revive Water, Purified Drinking Water, and high pH Water. Silver Springs and the Revive Water process are technologically advanced and will provide your family the best possible protection against harmful tap water contaminates. At Silver Springs Water, our number one goal is to ensure that more people are drinking cleaner, healthier water.

Silver Springs Independent Water Testing

We don’t only provide you with a great tasting product, we back it with a yearly Water Testing & Report Prepared by Sierra Environmental Monitoring, Inc Provider of Analytical Services of the Highest Possible Quality. Take a look at our Silver Springs Water Quality Report.

5 Quick Ideas to Increase Healthy Drinking Water Consumption

Ideas on how to increase your consumption of Revive Water, Purified Drinking Water, and high pH Water. Infusing Silver Springs Water with other flavors may help you drink more! Check out these 5 infused water recipes to upgrade your H2O!

Cucumber Mint

Also called spa water, cucumber mint water is refreshing and light and will make you feel like you’re at a five star spa. Be sure to thoroughly wash your cucumber since a lot of commercially sold cucumber has a thin layer of wax on the outside that is safe but could affect the taste of your water. Use fresh cucumber slices and mint leaves to serve this water to keep it looking as pretty as possible. The infused water will stay fresh in the fridge up to 3 days.

Strawberry Lemon

With a nod to strawberry lemonade, this water infusion recipe is summery and cool to enjoy on a hot day. You can use fresh or frozen strawberries for this, depending on whether or not they are in season. If strawberries aren’t your favorite, you can use any type of berry for this infusion; blackberries or raspberries make an interesting concoction. Lemon makes it tart and fresh.


Zesty, spicy, and a uniquely flavored citrus means grapefruit infused water will give an edge to your normal water routine. Lemon is a pretty typical water infusion but grapefruit is a fun twist on the original.

Pineapple Orange

This tropical blend is sweet and filled with citrus flavoring. Orange infusions add a little Vitamin C to your water as well as a delicious twist on plain water. Pineapple is unusual and very flavorful for water infusions.

Basil Lemon

This water infusion not only tastes amazing it also smells incredible. Smash the basil a little before putting it in water to release the oils and flavor contained in the leaves. Always clean your lemons before using them for infusions.


We absolutely need more effective ways to monitor our drinking water and cancer. Research continues, but we must remain proactive about our health and our water consumption. Not only that, fun and new ways to infuse new tasteful flavors to your water without adding all the calories.

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