As the summer months reach their peak, many people are focused on water. Our natural resource has been in the news this month. Here is the Las Vegas water news for August!

Community Sprinkler Las Vegas Water Play

Think back to summers during your childhood. Depending on where you grew up, one summer activity may have been running through the sprinklers and playing on a Slip ‘n Slide. In Las Vegas, where temperatures are sky-high and water levels are at all-time lows, frivolously playing in the water may not be a realistic summer time activity. Until now! Water on the Meadow is a weekly event that allows parents to give their desert dwelling kids a taste of some water fun. Sprinklers and Slip ‘n Slides are found in a climate that is slightly cooler than the climate in the city is the perfect retreat for kids and parents on a hot summer day. Taking advantage of this community event is a great way to play in the water while still conserving this precious resource. Check out the Nevada Parks event page for more info!

Las Vegas Water and Sheep

Did you know the Southern Nevada Water Authority owns sheep? Did you also know that some of those sheep have been trespassing on Great Basin National Park land? Just like a bad neighbor, these sheep have wandered on the national park’s property without permission. The concern over these sheep not staying on their side is that they may bring over an invasive weed population or cause damage to the national surroundings. Sheep will be sheep as any rancher will tell you and unless there is an intact fence between the two properties, those sheep simply don’t know why this land is any different than that land.


Get out and enjoy the last days of summer with some fun in the sun and water.

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