Water is always a hot topic in Las Vegas and September has been no different! Check out the articles below for this month’s Las Vegas water round up for September 2015.

New Straw for Las Vegas Water from Lake Mead

A project that has been in the works for over seven years has reached an exciting, and critical, milestone. The new straw constructed for Lake Mead has reached a point where it can be filled. The process will be slow and gradual to ensure the structure is sound, but it will begin in the very near future. This project has been considered insurance against the ever looming drought fears for the Las Vegas Valley. The project has touted a cost to the water authority of over $817 million. Considering 90% of drinking water is processed in from Lake Mead for Las Vegas valley residents, it was a much needed expenditure. We should be seeing a finalization to this project within the next couple of months. If you’re like many of our Silver Springs Water clients, your drinking water however is already conveniently delivered to your home or office.

A Day in the Life of Las Vegas Water

Who are those people who write tickets when you leave your sprinklers on and they overflow? A day in the life of a Las Vegas water cop and shows one of the reasons Las Vegas water usage has gone down so dramatically in the past years. Grass removal is another reason Las Vegas water consumption has gone down; incentives made that happen. Understanding the people behind these enforcement efforts helps people realize why they do what they do. A little education goes a long way and these water cops are just as much educators as they are law enforcers.

Sex sells. Las Vegas thrives on this concept which can be seen in casinos, billboards, and commercials both local to Las Vegas and about Las Vegas nationwide. A new round of campaigns encourages water conservation by making it sexy. From the marketing gurus who brought the world “What Happens Here, Stays Here” comes “There’s Nothing Sexier than Saving Water”. The logic behind these campaigns is sound. A viewer who sees, as is effected by, an ad claiming a short shower is sexy, the next time they turn on their taps, they’re going to think about that ad.


Saving water is on everyone’s mind and conserving the water we do have is critical. For fresh, clean water delivered right to your home or office, contact us today!

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