How Much Water is Enough Water when you live in dry, desert climate? Popular opinion has the required amount of water for most adults at 8 servings of 8 oz. each. That’s 64 ounces of Revive Water per adult every single day. It is commonly referred to by the 8×8 rule which makes it very easy to remember. There many factors that will change your individual requirements for how much 8.5pH Revive Water you should drink in a day. The main factors include where you live and how much activity you are involved in.

Dangers of Dehydration in Las Vegas

Whether you are a Las Vegas resident or not, dehydration is a serious matter. Dehydration can occur when you are losing more water than you are consuming. Seems simple enough, but the symptoms associated with dehydration may not be as obvious as you would think.

The initial response of the body to dehydration is thirst. Your body is notifying you of your need for increased hydration. As dehydration persists, symptoms such as increased thirst, dry mouth, cessation of tear production by the eyes, cessation of sweating , muscle cramps, nausea and vomiting, heart palpitations, and lightheadedness (especially when standing).

The onset of severe dehydration is more troublesome and can result in symptoms such as confusion and weakness. This weakness occurs as our brain advises the blood flow in our body to non-vital organs to decrease in blood flow in order to sustain life. Finally, untreated dehydration can result in coma and organ failure.

Ensuring you stay hydrated while residing in Las Vegas is key to avoiding the pitfalls of dehydration. Knowing what Las Vegas Water is safe to drink is also vitally important to staying healthy. Utilizing companies such as Silver Springs Water that provide Las Vegas Home Water Delivery, Las Vegas Commercial Water Delivery, Las Vegas Negative Ion Water Delivery, and Las Vegas Filtered Water Delivery will allow you peace of mind in knowing you will always have the cleanest available drinking water in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Water & Arid Climates

Las Vegas’ climate is a subtropical, hot desert climate , typical of the Mojave Desert in which it lies. The city enjoys abundant sunshine year-round; it has an average of about 310 sunny days per year.

Many people report dry skin, hair, and eyes when they spend time in desert climates. The hot, dry air can take a toll on your body and one of the best ways to counteract those effects is to drink enough Revive Water. Replenishing the water your body loses during the day through breathing, sweating, and other natural functions will keep your body hydrated and healthy.

There are terms such as “High pH Water” when discussing what kinds of water to consume. Reading about the Truth and Claims regarding Las Vegas High pH Water can help to clear up any misconceptions. There are however many noted benefits to consuming High 8.5pH Revive Water. Silver Springs Water offers a high pH level of 8.5 +/- at the time of bottling for increasingly popular health conscious consumers.

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How Movements Effect Hydration

The recommended 8×8 rule may work for you but you may also do more activity than most people. If you exercise regularly, you will likely need to drink more fluids than someone who leads a more sedentary lifestyle. Jobs that require a lot of movement, such as warehouse workers, wait staff, delivery workers, and salespeople can put additional stress on the body. Water helps lubricate joints and keeps energy levels where they need to be for top job performance.


Las Vegas Activities

There are other factors to consider when thinking about whether or not people in Vegas drink enough Revive Water. Las Vegas is one of the hottest American vacation destinations both in terms of weather and popularity. Hydrating after a night of drinking and partying is critically important to your health if you’re a tourist. Staying hydrated if you simply live and work in Las Vegas is important since the arid weather can take its toll on your body over time.

The benefits of consuming High 8.5pH Water in Las Vegas allows for a convenient delivery schedule, cost effective, and no expensive filtration system to keep up with.

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