What You Can Expect & Our New Customer Water Offer

Silver springs Water is the only Company that carries the Revive Water Brand (don’t let the other water guys tell you they have it too, they don’t)

  1. We will price match or, beat any competitor’s prices.
  2. We do not believe in making our customers sign ridiculous yearly or monthly contracts.
  3. You may quit service anytime.
  4. We do business the old fashion way, we care about the product and top grade service.
  5. Our route drivers care about making their customers happy.  We make them pledge good service before taking over a route.
  6. Our alkaline water is bottled at 9.0 (at time of bottling)

Choose From These Amazing Products

  • Electrolyte Alkaline PH (at bottling)
  • Purified drinking water
  • Purified for distilled use water
  • Vitamin water
  • Lemon water
  • Home and office delivery of alkaline water. (at time of bottling)


You will love our water or we are the only company that will give you a refund on your first two bottles purchased.  If you are not 100 % happy with the taste or any other reason.  We will refund your money.

Water is not water.  We know once you feel the benefits of our great tasting water.  You will not want to drink anything else.

 What Makes Our Water Alkaline?

Our proprietary process was not only the first to bring you high PH water in this City but, we perfected the process.  With thousands of satisfied customers city wide. People call us every day letting us know how much better our water is than other Companies. We have perfected the taste and stability of our proprietary mineral combinations. We believe water has two purposes.  Hydrate your body and help carry away waste.  We believe our water does this in a very effective way. Although water is a cure for many problems we may have with our body.  We do not make any claims about these health issues.  Other people not related to this Company may tell you differently?

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What is All the Talk About?

Dr. Robert Young in his New York Best Selling book “The PH Alkaline Miracle “Says that water is a vital part of healthy living.  Drinking the right water can change your life.  Eating the right foods and, drinking high PH alkaline water can dramatically change the way you feel.  Staying hydrated is a big factor in helping the body feel alive.  Our body is 70 percent water and all our organs need hydration to operate correctly.  When we breathe, have a bowel movement, release our bladder, sweat, and sleep.  We are dehydrating ourselves.  There needs to make a conscience effort to drink more water.  Water is the only fluid know to hydrate the human body properly.  Two liters a day is the recommended amount.  If you can drink more you should.  May people in the Asian Culture drink a liter of water before starting the day.

Do Business with Professionals

Stick with a water Company you can trust.  Not all water Companies are the same. The Managers that run Silver Springs Water Inc.  Anthony Siao and Richard Fickess have been in the bottled water business for almost 60 years between them. We understand that product and service need to be the most important part of the puzzle.  With years and years of professional time in the industry.  We can get your questions answered and your water needs serviced correctly.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we know more than most professionals, about the structure of water and how it reacts under different conditions. You have questions? Just ask one of our twenty five employees for an answer. We understand alkaline PH water and how the stability of the minerals use can effect a product. Restructured drinking water is what we do.

Payment Process

Pictures of Master card, Visa, American Express

We take credit cards along with auto ACH payment and Auto Pay.  Simply get started with a simplified way to pay the invoice each month with no hassle. We will work the payment for you to keep it simple right at the get go.

Alkaline Water Las Vegas

Silver Springs Water Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the best water on the planet.  We make it simple and, we know you will love our waters taste and diversity of products. Step into the future of bottled water and experience a level of service most people are able to enjoy.

When those hot days are shining down on you and your thirst needs to be quenched, Silver Springs Water has all the negative ion water that can relinquish your dehydration. With 8.5 pH Revive Water technology and distribution within the Las Vegas area, your thirst will always be quenched in a healthy and refreshing manner. Silver Springs Water strives to deliver your water on time, every time. When you get this great service, the water that is delivered is 8.5 pH negative ion . Silver Springs Water delivers an outstanding Revive Water product of 8.5 pH water making it the best and most healthy Revive Water product in Las Vegas.

What are the Benefits of Negative Ion Water Las Vegas Nevada?

With most water that is consumed, there is always some kind of water acidity or water pH level in it. What makes Silver Springs Water different? The uniqueness is the negative ion water component that is ensured by our E2 technology. With this great attribute, the ions represented are considered a great anti-oxidant for the body. Along with the consideration of these antioxidants, they have been traced back to be one of the original anti-oxidants that our body needs to function. This makes water delivery in Las Vegas from Silver Springs Water a must for any home or office. The all natural anti-oxidant that form in our Revive Water from Silver Springs gives the users a fresh new hydration to their body with a full vital fix of life and vigor.

Anti-Oxidants for Maximum Hydration

With these great anti-oxidants in the water, it creates a tasty water formula. The negative ion water that are present combined with the anti-oxidants incur maximum hydration for the drinker. Without these attributes in the water, the positive charged water produces a clump. With his clump present the membranes in your body can not break the water molecules down and thus the result is the cells that are present in your body does not absorb the H2o and your body sets into dehydration. With Silver Springs Water, you will not have to worry about the issues of dehydration. The water is preset with negative ions so the associated cells absorb the nutrients needed to stay hydrated.

E2 Technology for your Hydration Needs

By using the E2 technology, the molecules inside of the water modifies, allowing for the ions to seep into the cells naturally causing a more healthy drink for your body. This great feat is an amazing standard for Silver Springs Water. Charged ions and free anti-oxidants that are infused into this Revive Water from Silver Springs Water, hydration and healthy appetite for all natural water is a call away.

We strive to beat out our competition with only the highest standard in negative ion water delivery in Las Vegas. We only provide the best in negative ion water that produces a great healthy, and strong vitality for the drinker.

We deliver to your home or to your office, and service you with a happy smile.

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