The desert air in Las Vegas can leave you feeling parched. Staying hydrated in an arid climate, like Las Vegas, can be the difference between health and sickness. Las Vegas tap water is on the list for worst drinking water in the US. Knowing the state of your Las Vegas tap water is key in knowing the impurities you and your family are consuming. Drinking Revive Water keeps you hydrated and energized.

Best bottled water delivery in Las Vegas with E2 Technology

Silver Springs Water offers a unique E2 Technology that provides a unique and patented filtration that is not available just anywhere.

What is E2 Technology?

E2 stands for electron energized. The purpose of E2 Technology™ is to add electrons (a negative charge) to water through electrical restructuring. This creates alkalized water and powerful antioxidant that completely hydrates the body on a cellular level.

Why is the E2 Technology so special?

The benefits of ionized/antioxidant water were first discovered in the Hunza community, a small tribe located in the Karakoram Mountains of northern Pakistan. This community is known to be very healthy— low prevalence of disease and an above average life span. Researchers found that Hunza water is unique. In addition to a high pH, it has a large amount of active hydrogen. These active hydrogen atoms are powerful scavengers of free radicals, which have been proven to support cancer.

Due to the scientific documentation of Hunza water, the in High pH functional water was first artificially developed in Japan, in the early 1950s. The Ministry of Health and Rehabilitation researched and approved water ionizers for medical therapeutics in 1966.

High pH water requires an expensive machine to produce and loses its benefits within two days. E2 Technology has long-term negative ionization and can be bottled and sold in stores.

Silver Springs Water is the only water delivery service in Las Vegas that provides water that is purified with E2 technology. Don’t be misled by competitors! E2 Technology is a highly sought after and proprietary technology.

Las Vegas Home and Office Water Delivery

The easiest way to get real bottled water in Las Vegas is to have it delivered right to your home or office!

We have convenient, affordable plans to ensure you always have fresh, clean, Revive Water at your fingertips so you and your family can stay hydrated and healthy.
Silver Springs delivers water to home and offices as well as shops and warehouses- anywhere you have Revive Water needs, we can fill them!


 Revive Water Delivery Benefits

The benefits of Revive Water are great for your overall health. The negative ions in Revive Water are more readily absorbed into your body to keep you hydrated in the dry desert climate.

Being properly hydrated helps keep illness at bay. Doctors recommend drinking a lot of fluids when you’re sick and drinking a lot of fluids when you’re healthy helps flush germs before they can latch on and make you sick.

Do you have more questions about Revive Water? Contact us today for information and to set up your home or office delivery!


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