Las Vegas is still an ever-growing entertainment mecca in the middle of the desert. Population growth continues to happen in Las Vegas since new jobs and opportunities are being created. What does this mean for the Las Vegas water supply?

Expected Population Growth and Its Effects on Las Vegas Water

Just like other major cities, Las Vegas saw population growth halt through the worst part of the recession. Entertainment is one of the first types of economy to bounce back and since Las Vegas is home to one of the largest concentrations of entertainment venues in one area. There have been articles published anticipating more than a quarter of a million additional people in Las Vegas by 2020. In just 5 more years, the population could reach 2.6 million.


Trends in live entertainment are also veering toward water-related shows. The most popular shows on The Strip are those based around water. Lake Mead is gathering more visitors every year and the effects on the water itself are noticeable. Sources are reporting the lowest rate of unemployment in Las Vegas in six years. With all the opportunities available, more and more new people will be moving into the area and this will have effects on the city’s water supply.

Las Vegas Water Supply

Las Vegas water has already been listed as some of the worst drinking water in the country. Adding citizens to the local Vegas population means expanding outwards further into the valley. More plumbing lines will be added, making an already complex and questionable system more intricate. The need for a supply of clean, fresh water will be greater in the future than it is now.

Drinking water is critical to a healthy, thriving population and the best bet for getting clean water in the future will be delivery from Silver Springs.

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