Drinking enough water is often at the top of the list for the healthiest habits you can have. There are many people that need a little more proof than common practice. These three studies show the benefits of drinking enough water.

Hydrology is the study of water and provides information about water on Earth and humans involvement and use of water. Since water is one of our most important natural resources it’s important for us to understand how to utilize it to benefit our health most effectively. Without water on earth, life would fail to exist. Effects of human existence however, have created a snowball effect by producing increasing chemical waste in our water supplies.

The Mayo Clinic Study Showing Benefits of Drinking Water

The Mayo Clinic is one of the most respected medical institutions in the country.Medical and health advice from the Mayo Clinic is highly regarded and referenced often. The Mayo Clinic staff has issued a list of guidelines for how much water to drink and details the benefits of drinking enough water. The information in their guidelines is pulled from multiple studies that all show the benefits of drinking enough water.

Journal of Nutrition Study Showing Benefits of Drinking Water

The Journal of Nutrition published a study by Armstrong LE of the effects of mild dehydration on otherwise healthy young women. The study found that while physical characteristics were similar between well hydrated and dehydrated women, their moods were altered when they were in an even mildly dehydrated state. The women reported feeling more irritable and fatigued when they were mildly dehydrated. This study shows that drinking enough water is beneficial to your mental health even if you aren’t seeing the effects on your physical health.

American College of Sports Medicine Study Showing Benefits of Drinking Water

ACSM posts guidelines for active, healthy people to help them determine if they are properly hydrated.
The article helps to clarify when you may actually be dehydrated and reflects how to help keep yourself properly hydrated. Hydration is critically important to overall health and it is closely related to how active you are. Proper hydration is easy when you have fresh, clean water readily available every day.

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