Las Vegas is uniquely situated in a desert area and is also a huge vacation getaway destination. They have to be creative on how How is Vegas using water in innovative ways?

Las Vegas Water and Tourist Entertainment

Easily one of the most innovative ways Vegas uses water is in its entertainment offerings around town.Las Vegas is known for the entertainment, among other things!For a city with the majority of its water piped in, Vegas has a number of water-based attractions.Consider the two major water shows in the Las Vegas Strip. Cirque du Soleil’s O at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino and Le Reve at the Wynn both have massive pools of water that are the center of their performances.The Bellagio also has fountain shows running periodically that, when the lights can be seen under the cover of darkness, truly stop traffic.

Las Vegas Water in the Desert

Many things in Vegas are both entertaining and educational. Check out the Golden Nugget hotel and their attraction called The Tank. You can take a fast water-slide ride surrounded by some of the oceans deadliest creatures.Another place to check out sharks and other awesome ocean creatures, while in the middle of the desert, is at the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.

Las Vegas Water Power

Hoover Dam is a renowned attraction. Driving over to get into Las Vegas from the East is one of the most awe-inspiring sites in the Southwest. The Dam has hydroelectric generators which provide much of the power for the famous Las Vegas lights.There are tours offered at the Dam which also provide a lot of historical information for tourists and locals alike.

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