It is common knowledge that getting in the habit of drinking enough water is good for your health.
Drinking enough water makes you look and feel better! Here are some of the common health issued caused by poor drinking water habits.

Dehydration and Drinking Water

One of the most common healthy issues from poor water drinking habits is dehydration.
Not being properly hydrated can result in issues with cognitive thinking and bodily functions- more on those later. There is only so much water content we can get from foods and there is a decent chance that if a person has poor drinking water habits, they don’t make the best food choices. That hamburger and fries isn’t going to help your hydration or your waistline, but an apple only goes so far to help keep you hydrated.

Cold and Flu and Drinking Water

The reason your doctor tells you to drink a lot of clear fluids when you are sick is because water flushes toxins from your system. Not getting enough water means the bad things you ingest, like when you touch your mouth after having touched a door knob or someone else’s keyboard, get to stay put and take host in your body instead of being flushed along their merry way. Drinking enough water means your system is constantly being flushed of bad things and staying hydrated to help protect against illness.

Bodily Functions and Drinking Water

They may not be everyone’s thing to talk about, but not drinking enough water can cause some serious problems with your bodily functions .Urinary tract infections are common among people who have poor drinking water habits because of the potential concentration of bacteria in and around their bladders and urethra. The adage states you should “pee clear”- urine should be very light yellow as an indicator of proper hydration. Constipation is another common health issue that could stem from not drinking enough water.

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