Las Vegas is uniquely situated in an arid desert area yet has millions of residents as well as millions of visitors every year. The use of a precious resource like water have to be carefully monitored to ensure Las Vegas will still have water in the future. These are a few ways people are helping to conserve water in Las Vegas.

Conserving Water in Las Vegas Nevada via Technology

Going into any restroom in any public place in Las Vegas, you will be faced with signs reminding you that you are in a high desert area. Nearly every public restroom is fitted with automatic water faucets to help ensure water is only flowing when it is being used. It is recommended that all homeowners with lawns install timed sprinkler systems to ensure their lawns are being watered at the optimum times to ensure most of the water goes back in the ground instead of being absorbed into the air. Gray water systems are being installed in many newly built homes in Las Vegas to reuse water in non-potable scenarios, like for laundry or watering flowers.

Reusing Water in Las Vegas Nevada

Many of the major water features in Las Vegas are sourced from water that has already been used for something else.The fountains at the Bellagio are fed from wells under the property that used to water a golf course. The fountains actually use about two thirds of the water the golf course consumed and is then sent through a cleaning process and piped into Lake Mead like nearly all the rest of Las Vegas’s used water.

Education about Water in Las Vegas Nevada

Children in schools are taking field trips to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and water conservation centers to show them how precious this natural resource is.
Starting at a young age, children are learning that we need to take care of our resources for them to still be there in the future.

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