Chemicals are used in the treatment of water in all facilities across the United States, including those in Las Vegas. The chemicals used are intended to be safe for human consumption or contact, depending on the intent of the water type, but some of them are questionable when it comes to how they affect human health. These are a few chemicals used in Las Vegas water.

Ferric Chloride in Las Vegas Drinking Water

Ferric chloride is defined as an agent that is added to wastewater for a number of reasons including odor reduction and “solid settling”. More information on ferric chloride shows that, when added to normal water, ferric chloride becomes corrosive. The theory is that the chemicals are diluted by the water but any amount of corrosive substance on or in your body can be damaging to your health.

Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Bisulfite found in Las Vegas Drinking Water

Does that first one sound familiar? It should- when combined with water, it is commonly known as bleach. In that same brochure about waste water treatment, sodium hypochlorite is said to be added to water during its last stages before being sent out to be reused to water golf courses or pumped into Lake Mead. Sodium Bisulfite is a chemical used in some food safe instances. It is used to prevent oxidation, an example of which is the browning of an apple once the inside is exposed to air, in canning and other food preparation techniques. In low concentrations, it is used in swimming pools as a disinfectant. Most of these chemicals are considered safe in the concentrations used but consider swimming in Lake Mead knowing all of these chemicals have been added to the water.

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