Planet Ion water is believed to have many health benefits and understanding the links between Alkaline Water pH and Cancer is an important topic. It’s free from many of the contaminants that can be found in tap water. And for a lot of people, it’s their drink of choice because of its alkaline pH level. While others think that alkaline water could play an important role in promoting good health.

Acidity And Cancer

There is a belief that when the body is highly acidic, it can aid in the development of some cancers. Some believe that when the pH level is alkaline, cancer is not able to thrive in the same way. Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warberg was one expert who subscribed to the theory that over acidity in the body is one of the underlying causes behind cancer.

Dr Warberg’s Theory

According to Dr Warberg’s theory, there is also a link between the pH levels in our body and our oxygen levels. The higher the body’s pH levels are, the higher are oxygen levels will be.  Dr Warberg believed that cancer cells couldn’t survive when the body is in an alkaline/high oxygen state.  Research from the University of Bari in Italy has also concluded that cancers grow in an acidic environment and other studies appear to show the same.

However, experts argue there is a lack of scientific evidence to say that alkaline water can itself fight cancer. It’s also not a good idea to radically change your diet if you are suffering from an illness. Anyone with an underlying health condition who is considering changing their diet should speak to their physician first.


While many believe an alkaline diet can contribute to good health, many experts argue that there isn’t any scientific evidence to say alkaline water itself can fight/cure cancer.  Others say there hasn’t been enough research to determine the possible health benefits of alkaline water. At Silver Springs Water, we don’t make any health claims about our products, but we do invite people to try our water for themselves, and to do their own research.

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