As August heats up in Las Vegas, there’s good news for Lake Mead. There are also reassurances from water park operators. However, a Las Vegas water company still needs to make water deliveries to Tecopa.

Tecopa Residents Get Water Deliveries From Las Vegas

Residents in Tecopa, California are having their water delivered courtesy of a private company based in Los Angeles. The deliveries of the 5 gallon bottles of water are made by the local fire chief, Larry Levy and his partner.

The delivery program began back in 2013 after it was found that arsenic levels in local water were higher than recommended. There was also concern over the amount of fluoride. Tecopa is known for its hot springs, which has left the water unsafe to drink.

A water filtration system, which should resolve the problem, is due to be installed in August.

Las Vegas Water Park Operators Issue Reassurances

Las Vegas water park operators have issued reassurances over their safety. The comments were made following the tragic death of a 10-year-old at a water park in Kansas.

Shane Huish, the general manager at the Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Las Vegas is one water park operator who has spoken out. In comments published by the, Huish stated that water slides are checked everyday. He added inspections are carried out of the water filtration, pumps and water flow regularly.

Lifeguards also check the slides every morning before the park opens to visitors.

Some Good News For Lake Mead

Levels of water at Lake Mead remain at all-time lows, but there is some good news, too. Conservation measures and restrictions mean that less water is now flowing out of Lake Mead. The latest updates indicate water levels are now predicted to increase by 6ft by January 2017.

The record low levels remain of concern. However, the more positive forecasts over future water levels mean  mandatory water restrictions now won’t be necessary in Nevada and Arizona.

Nevertheless, further measures are due to come into place to try and prevent Lake Mead’s levels from running too short.

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