One of the reasons people opt for Planet Ion Water delivery is due to the many contaminants in the tap water. Pollution of drinking water comes in many different forms. While these pollutants aren’t always harmful, many people prefer the choice of having their water supply delivered to their door.

Common Water Contaminants

According to the EPA, the law defines contaminants as being “anything other than water molecules”. These impurities can be physical, chemical and even radiological. They can could include substances like uranium, salt, bleach, sediments toxins and metals. In the case of biological contaminants, the pollutants might be bacterial or viral.

Where Do Water Contaminants Originate From?

Often, we’re to blame for a lot of impurities that find their way into our drinking water. We might be driving a car to work or using chemicals on the garden. Even when we shower, these pollutants can find their way into the water system. Additionally, many of us use chemicals around the house for cleaning, which can all contribute to the problem.

Industrial Causes

Sometimes, pollution occurs as the result of an industrial accident, which results in chemicals making their way into the water systems. When this occurs householders are usually advised not to drink the tap water due to the risk it could pose to human health. Pesticides and insecticides used by the farming community could also seep into the water.

Modern Developments

As cities and towns evolve, the more common pollutants can become. For one thing, there is added traffic pollution. With additional homes, there are increased domestic households using fertilisers and chemicals. This can all add to the impurities in water.

Other Sources

Another common problem is items dumped at sea. Some people don’t think anything of dumping plastics or metals, which don’t break down and can lead to contamination. Malfunctioning water waste systems also have the potential to pollute our water systems. On other occasions, impurities will occur naturally.


No matter how careful we are, water contamination is a fact of life. We’re always going to be exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals. These impurities even develop naturally and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. However, if you want to minimize your exposure to these toxins, you can find a company that offers Planet Ion delivery.

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