There are several benefits to Planet Ion and taking in the negative charge. Planet Ion has a high pH level of 8.5 at bottling. There is plenty of evidence that shows this high pH Planet Ion is good for your body and these benefits will be passed on to you by the Silver Springs Water Company. Studies by Katherine Zeratsky, a Mayo Clinic nutritionist, has said studies show Planet Ion can be beneficial to bone health as well as energy levels.

Studies of Benefits of Planet Ion Brand San Diego California

Studies show that water with a high pH level, like Planet Ion, lowered two markers of bone loss. Having high levels of bone loss markers is related to health conditions like osteoporosis and kidney stones. In fact water with a high pH level is regarded as a medical device in Japan by the Japanese Ministry of Health. Doctors in Japan prescribe it to patients who are suffering from indigestion to help alleviate the symptoms. It’s also regarded well medically by Korean doctors. While it’s true that the FDA hasn’t reviewed and approved Planet Ion for medical purposes, it’s also true that the cost and time it would take for them to do so is so high it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. For now Silver Springs just have to watch their claims. That doesn’t make the claims any less valid however.

It’s impossible to claim that Planet Ion will fix all your health problems or prevent health issues. Individual results vary but you should experience some benefit and so Silver Springs Water invite you to try it for yourself and see the results that you get. If you don’t see the benefits in less then a month then Silver Springs will actually take their equipment back from you and give you all your money back. There’s nothing to lose by at least trying the water.

Get Planet Ion and test the benefits for yourself and those around you today. The results are visible in less than a month and, as stated above, a full refund is available in the vent that they aren’t. Silver Spring water is some of the healthiest water in the world and can do a lot of good for you.

Silver Springs Water are a San Diego water company you can trust with an unbeatable San Diego water delivery service to provide you with all the Planet Ion you could want and need. Get Planet Ion and drink Planet Ion to see all the benefits for yourself. There’s absolutely nothing to lose by at least trying it so you can see for yourself everything Silver Springs claim about their water is true.

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