Our planet’s natural resources are crucial to our continued survival. While we look at recycling efforts and other ways to reduce your carbon footprint, we can also look at ways to reduce your water footprint. Check out some of the suggestions below!

Water Usage

One of the simplest ways to reduce your water footprint is to use less water! That may be difficult without making some major changes to your daily routine. Consider trying taking shorter showers. Depending on the flow rate of water, you could be using more than two gallons of water per minute. If you don’t have a dishwasher and hand-wash all your dishes, be sure to be as efficient as possible. Fill a tub with hot soapy water and use that to soap up all your dishes then rinse in a bucket of clean water. Small changes in your water use can go a long way!


Appliances and Fixtures

Low flow appliances can make a huge impact on your water footprint. Toilets, shower heads, washing machines, and dishwashers all come in low flow varieties and many of them do as good a job if not better than their high water use counterparts. Low flow appliances help save money as well as saving the planet. Less water means a lower water bill!

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor fun can often come with a high water price tag, especially during the summer months when pools and sprinklers are especially enticing. Hit a local lake; they are free and your playing in the waters are expected,  instead of splashing in your own backyard.

Water Use and Cleaning

It may be tempting to hose off sidewalks and driveways to clean them but really, all they need is a good pass with a broom.The occasional rain Las Vegas gets will wash most of the gunk away.

Having Silver Springs watered delivered to your home helps reduce your water footprint.

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