Water is a popular subject in the Las Vegas Water News October 2015;  and not just in Las Vegas! With some big news coming from up in the skies and the climate changing, check out the highlights from October’s Water Round Up.

All Eyes On Mars

The recent news of water on Mars has sparked conversations around the world. Las Vegas is more inhabitable than Mars but Sin City has a similar climate when you think of how dry and fairly barren it is. For human life to live on Mars, a lot would need to be done to ensure natural resources were available, water being one of the primary concerns. Science is heading in this direction and people outside NASA are taking note. Water research regarding space may help us here on earth and especially in the desert with water conservation.

Wet and Wild!

Las Vegas saw one of the biggest rain storms in residents’ recent memory on October 6th. Like many places, Las Vegas weather can usually be described with the adage “Don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes!” The rain storm in early October however meant Las Vegas saw significantly more water than usual. Rain storms that normally last a few minutes, or half an hour at the most, lasted throughout the day causing flooding in many areas of the city. There was minor property damage with a few cars ending up in flood waters but luckily no reported injuries. While the rain is always good for Las Vegas, the city isn’t well prepared to handle unexpected amounts of rain. Basins fill up quickly and the ground isn’t able to absorb water leading to flashfloods in certain areas.


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