Proper hydration is critical to overall health! Some people wonder why they feel tired or sluggish or why they can’t seem to get motivated to go to the gym. We say drink water, feel better!

Hydrated Muscles are Happy Muscles

Your muscles work hard to get you through everyday life. Hydrated muscles are more fluid and elastic meaning you become less prone to injury, even if you don’t take precautions like regular stretching. If you’re an athlete or even moderately active, you need to replenish the water lost during high intensity activities to ensure your body stays healthy. Dehydration can undo some of the hard work you’ve done during your workout since your muscles use protein and water to rebuild the small tears created in your muscles.

Drink Water and Aid Digestion

Drinking enough water aids in digestion which can definitely help you feel better. If you feel very full or sluggish after a meal and that feeling persists long after you’ve put down your fork, consider incorporating more water into your dining experience before and during eating. If you drink water before a meal can help you feel fuller so you consume less calories during your actual meal. Taking sips of water slows down your eating speed and helps aid in digestion once your food makes its way to your intestinal tract.

Mid-Afternoon Energy

Think twice before reaching for a cup of coffee or candy bar in the afternoon when your energy level dips. Caffeine headaches and dependency can cause a vicious cycle. If you are dehydrated, your energy drops and you may experience headaches. Reach for a tall glass of water instead and your body will thank you! Need tips on how to consume more water? Check out 3 Tips for Consuming More Water.


Take a water challenge and drink more water to feel better!

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