As most residents and visitors know, Las Vegas has an arid desert climate. It also has one of the largest populations in the country and has resident populations spreading across much of the valley it sits in. One of the major considerations for any thriving city that doesn’t have a water source readily available is to consider how the population will get water for drinking and bathing.

Las Vegas Drinking Water Supply

The tap water currently being piped into the Las Vegas area comes from many, many miles away since there is no readily available water source in the Las Vegas valley. A Colorado River reservoir at Lake Mead is the source of 90 percent of the valley’s water supply. The fact that these pipes have been in place for many years may contribute to Las Vegas having some of the worst water in America. As the population grows, so does the need for water, and the water supply currently being pumped in may not be enough. Home delivery of Las Vegas drinking water for consumption will be more common to save the water piped in from distances for and watering plants. It’s expected that by April 2015, the surface of Lake Mead could sink to 1,075 feet above sea level. This could prompt the first federal water shortage declaration on the river. This will require water supply cuts for the state of Nevada and Arizona.


Las Vegas Drinking Water

Many people say the heat in Las Vegas doesn’t bother them because it’s a dry heat but that means you need to be even more careful about not becoming dehydrated in Las Vegas! With some climate changes occurring making it rain less and heat up, in the future, Las Vegas residents will need to consider how to get clean water for drinking and cooking. The healthiest drinking water comes from local water suppliers like Silver Springs Water who can provide clean, filtered and negative ion water delivered right to your door either at your home or office. Our Revive 8.5 pH water is the healthiest water you can drink yourself and give your family and that’s the water you’ll want now and in the future.

Staying up to date and informed about the pH level of your Las Vegas Drinking Water is essential. Silver Springs Water offers Las Vegas water testing if you are wanting to test your tap water at your home or water at your office. Either way, ensuring your family, friends, co-workers, and customers have clean drinking water in Las Vegas to consume is absolutely necessary.

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