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Silver Springs Water will beat any competitors price. Simply show us any advertised price or invoice from any competing water delivery service and, we will meet or beat that price with our best selling or our premium water.

Remember another benefit to doing business with Silver Springs Water, is that we NEVER make anyone sign a ridiculous contract to start water service! Just another reason that makes Silver Springs Water the best water service on the planet. Voted My Vegas Magazine’s Top 30 businesses in Las Vegas!

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There is one primary difference between tap water and Alkaline water, and that is that Alkaline water has less acidity.

The importance of staying hydrated while exercising can’t be stressed enough.


I have been getting alkaline 9.0 PH water delivered from Silver Springs since 2008 and I could not be happier with the quality and the service. My driver always works with me if I need extra bottles or if I am on vacation and need to put a hold on the delivery. I feel really good about having such high quality and healthy water for my family. I highly recommend having this water delivered to your home or office. You can actually taste the difference between this water and the bottled waters sold at the stores. This water is much more pure.
Derek A
San Diego, California

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