We are kicking off the new year with some Las Vegas best water news. Some old issues are still around and some new ideas are being discussed. Check out the below for the Las Vegas water roundup for January 2016!

Las Vegas Best Water Future

Growth is a huge part of a city’s economic success and Las Vegas is no different. It is constantly growing and expanding further out into the valley. One major question when the city continues to build is where will it get the water to support all the new people that growth brings to the area. Life requires water and this natural resource must be considered. One opinion is to consider desalinization of seawater and piping it into cities and states that need more than the water readily available in their area.

Water For Growth

New businesses bring new jobs to Las Vegas. New jobs means a stronger economy. No one can deny that strengthening the economy is a great idea but how can the city sustain the water needs of growing businesses? Experts were brought in and determined the state could support more growth in the industrial realm. Between a bunch of water related business jargon, they determined there was a balance between old and new schools of thought on water and how it is regulated.

Global Water Summit

Las Vegas will be host to one of the largest global water summit in the near future where discussions will take place about desalination and economic improvement and the impact those topics have on the city, state, country, and world. People don’t often think about their water infrastructure and, especially in the United States, take the water coming out of their taps for granted. Luckily for us there are people who do think about water and how it impacts our lives!

Fresh, clean water is the best way to stay hydrated.

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