For the most part, the temperature of the water you drink doesn’t make much of a difference. As long as you get your glasses in, you should feel healthier and more alert. If you’re already an avid water drinker, or want to do something to gain some extra health points in your healthy lifestyle, check out these 5 health water benefits from drinking hot water.


Health Water Benefits #1 ; Weight Loss

Hot water helps your metabolism which is a key factor in weight loss. When your metabolism works effectively, you lose weight faster because your body burns calories more efficiently which means you shed pounds faster.

Health Water Benefits #2 ; Skin Benefits

Drinking hot water helps keep you hydrated while has excellent benefits for your skin, hair, and nails. If you suffer from dry, itchy scalp, drinking hot water can help alleviate some of those symptoms. Drinking hot water keeps warm, damp air near your facial skin which can help keep your skin moisturized and elastic while helps with acne and keeps your skin wrinkle-free longer.

Health Water Benefits #3 ; Digestive Health

Hot water helps keep your digestive tract working properly, pushing nutrients through your system and helping break down foods so those nutrients can be absorbed into your body.

Health Water Benefits #4 ; Stress Reduction

A quiet hot cup of water can allow you the quiet time you need to step away from the world and rest for a few moments. Sipping hot liquid and feeling the sensations that come from the liquid running down your throat and the warming feeling in your stomach can help you feel more grounded and connected to your body.

Health Water Benefits #5 ; Sinus and Throat Health

There is a reason hot tea is recommended in the winter months. Even if you don’t like tea, simply drinking hot water provides the same benefits to your throat. Keeping your throat lubricated with hot water gives you the warm, soothing feeling and benefit of tea without the caffeine or flavor, if that’s what you don’t like about tea. Adding a little lemon adds flavor and freshness while giving the benefit of added vitamin C.


There are many benefits to drinking hot water that can help you live a healthier life! Fresh, clean water is the best way to stay hydrated.

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