There is no denying the best beverage to hydrate your body is best bottled water Las Vegas has to offer from Silver Springs Water. Whether you are looking for Planet Ion Water Delivery or drinking water delivery for your home or office.

However, there are many of us out there that also like to enjoy a cup, or pot, of coffee every day. Regardless of the other effects or benefits of coffee, you may ask yourself: am I getting any benefit of water when I’m drinking coffee?

Coffee is made up of nearly all water so it makes sense that coffee should count as water you drink throughout the day, right? Wrong. Coffee contains caffeine which is a known diuretic. This means, coffee has the potential to dehydrate you even though it is made up of mostly water. Even decaf coffee contains small traces of caffeine and isn’t the best option if you’re looking to stay hydrated.

Extended Caffeine Use vs. Best Bottled Water Las Vegas

Caffeine is often referred to as a drug, and it is definitely a substance people become addicted to. The stimulation caffeine provides can be a much needed boost in the morning but if it also dehydrates you, it could be the reason for your sluggish mid-afternoon lull. Over time, your body develops a tolerance to the diuretic effects of coffee and compensates so your body doesn’t become quite as dehydrated from consuming caffeine as it would if you weren’t a habitual caffeine drinker. The water in your coffee still doesn’t exactly get to count against the water you should be drinking daily if you’re a long time coffee drinker.

Drinking the best bottled water Las Vegas has to offer is clearly a better choice for multiple reasons. Silver Springs Water is changing the way we think about water. Silver Springs Water, based in Las Vegas Nevada has a new spin on the way water is cleaned, filtered and processed. Using E2technology that just a few years ago was not available for drinking water; Silver Springs Water has obtained a process of stabilization of the negative ion (proprietary process owned by Planet Ion) and has revolutionized clean water. Read the full length original featured article here


While coffee comes in delicious liquid form, it shouldn’t be considered as part of your daily water intake. In fact, drinking coffee occasionally may mean you need to increase your daily water intake to account for the diuretic effects of the caffeine in your occasional indulgence.

Fresh, clean water is the best way to stay hydrated.

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