While 2016 is now in full swing and we are all slowly coming out of our holiday food comas, the focus is back on health and, potentially, weight loss.

Your metabolism does more than you may think and speeding it up can make you feel great, lose weight, and lead a healthier lifestyle!

Check out the tips below on how to speed up your metabolic rate by drinking water.

What Does the Metabolism Do?

We hear this word “metabolism” thrown around a lot. Someone may say they have a slow metabolism, blaming it for feeling sluggish or gaining weight and in a sense, they’re right. The metabolism takes fuel you’ve put into your body in the form of food and converts it into energy for your body to use throughout the day.

Timing is Everything

Drinking water throughout the day is great for your body- there is no denying that! Drinking two cups of water about 5 minutes before eating a meal has been shown to help speed up your metabolism not just while digesting that meal but also for an extended period after. A properly hydrated body also absorbs nutrients better than one struggling because of lack of water. When your body is healthy, your metabolism works at its optimal speed.

Calculate Your Best Drinking Water Correctly

The amount of water you need to drink to keep your body hydrated varies based on many factors. Your weight and body type are about half the equation on how much water you need. Your activity level and environmental factors are the other half, and could be larger factors. Dry environments mean you need to drink more water. Water temperature also matters. Cold water requires extra calories to warm it up to body temperature which helps increase your metabolic rate.

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