Check out the best Las Vegas water news for January 2016 below. We hope everyone started off 2016 with a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and that you celebrated right here at home in Las Vegas! We like to focus on the new year but also take a little time for reflection this time of year.

Water Legislature

Growth and new jobs are both important parts of the city of Las Vegas’s future. The issue with growth, however, is that to build and expand, you need natural resources that Las Vegas is short on- like water. Las Vegas Sun described the issues associated with an industrial park project that has been put on hold due to water issues that was likely to be address in a special Legislative session in December. More water means more growth and more jobs and that can certainly help Las Vegas’s economy but the question always remains: where will the water come from?


Conservation in 2016 and Beyond

The efforts put forth for water conservation in 2015 were good, better than they were in other years but experts argue that we can do better. Whether or not additional laws, policies, and enforcement groups will help make the city’s conservations efforts more effective is up for debate but what is true is residents do need to continue conserving water. Living in desert and arid climates means natural resources like water need to be treated as precious and need to be conserved as much as possible. Consider installing appliances that use less water and take other big conservation efforts wherever possible like installing low flow toilets and faucets. Since Clark County made it on a list of water hogs nationwide we should all remember to get our conservation act together when going about our daily lives.


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