Broken down to its simplest form, water is just hydrogen and oxygen molecules but this collision of molecules come from many different sources and people have bottled those sources for consumption. There are countless bottled water options out there. Some are affordable options but these are 3 of the most expensive bottled waters in the world.

Bling H2O Bottled Water

Branded as the first luxury bottled water brand in the world, Bling H2O delivers on style and freshness. The bottles the water comes in are frosted and decorated with Zwarovski crystal for a truly luxurious feel. Each bottle costs about $40 for 750ml which is about 3 of your recommended daily servings of water.The water is sourced from a spring in Tennessee and then goes through a filtration process before being bottled and sold athletes, Hollywood elite, and consumers who prefer a luxurious water experience. You can likely find Bling H2O in some of Las Vegas’s hottest clubs, keeping dancers and DJ’s hydrated all evening.

Acqua di Cristallo Bottled Water

Holding the Guinness World Record for most expensive bottle of water sold at auction, the Acqua di Cristallo is a clad in 24 karat gold and is one of a kind. The bottle was sold for $60,000 at an auction to raise awareness for global warming. The man who owns this bottle also owns the World Most Expensive bottles of Tequlia and Cognac.

Tasmanian Rain Bottled Water

Water that has never touched the ground is one of the most luxurious things in the world, which comes with a hefty price tag. All things considered, $5 for a bottle of water isn’t all that extravagant but considering most US locations have free drinkable water available from the tap, it’s a hefty price tag.

You can have affordable, clean, and healthy bottled water delivered to your home or office without nearly the price tag associated with these bottles.

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