Every year, Silver Springs employs a third party to test our water to ensure our customers are getting the best, most healthy water possible.

Transparency in regards to the water we provide is important to us and releasing a 2015 Las Vegas Water Report every year allows us to do that.

The 2015 Las Vegas Water Report has been released and a few of the key findings are detailed below.

Alkaline Water

The 2015 Las Vegas Water Report included test samples from bottled water purchased in the area as well as tap water from the east side of Las Vegas. Silver Springs water was reported as more alkaline than the bottled water and certainly more alkaline than tap water.

Alkaline water is more readily absorbed which means alkaline water helps you get hydrated and stay hydrated longer.

Water Cleanliness

There are a few different chemicals found in water that must be filtered out. Heavy metals are the most critical to remove as they cause a number of health problems. The 2015 Las Vegas Water Report shows an “ND”, or non-detect, rating on most tests looking for metals that should not be present in drinking water.

Our Analytical Source

Silver Springs has partnered with Silver State Analytical Laboratories Inc. which is a local company dedicated to helping company just like us! We want you to feel good about what is in your water and one way we do that is posting our analytical report right on our website.

Silver State Analytical Laboratories, Inc.was chosen as our partner because of their dedication to the same standards we uphold including transparency.


Silver Springs water is more alkaline and lower in chemicals and toxins than tap water. It is even more alkaline than sampled bottled waters!

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs offers home water cooler options to fit every need and budget. Silver Springs Water Delivery Company is the best water delivery without the need for contracts! We provide water delivery, Las Vegas water products as well as Las Vegas Water Coolers and Equipment for rent or purchase. Silver Springs also offers Las Vegas Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in Las Vegas, and check your Las Vegas Planet Ion water delivery service area by entering your zip code.


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