Water that is less acidic, or has a higher pH,  than normal tap water, can have many health benefits. Drinking more high pH level water, can improve your health and offers some natural remedies for typical ailments. Check out the information below and see how drinking alkaline water can improve your health!

Natural Alkaline Content

Water naturally has a more alkaline pH balance when it has passed over rocks and other mineral-filled formations, like water found in natural springs and river water. Your stomach contains a lower pH level than regular water which is commonly referred to as stomach acid. Combining alkaline water and the acid in your stomach can help your body absorb nutrients more readily and keeps your stomach and intestines healthy.

Ease Ailments Naturally

Drinking water with a high pH level, approximately 8.8, can help reduce the effects of acid reflux that plague many Americans. Alkaline water can also help increase oxygen in your blood flow and can have some antioxidant effects.The more oxygen found in your blood flow, the healthier your muscles and tissue are and the better you’ll feel!

Drink More Water!

Regardless of the type of water- regular tap water or alkaline water- nearly everyone can take the advice to drink more water. Water flushes toxins from your system, keeps your stomach and intestines working properly, and helps with muscle and brain function. Mineral water tends to taste better to many people and generally has a higher pH level than regular tap water. Better taste means drinking more water!

Conclusion Water

Water with a high pH level can improve your health by helping aid in hydration and mineral absorption. Contact us today to see how you can get fresh, clean Silver Springs water delivered to your home or office and continue striving for a healthy lifestyle!

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