Doctors in the US suggest that up to seventy-five percent of people in the country are not drinking enough water to be optimally hydrated. This is certainly an alarming number and points to a lack of awareness around how much water needs to be imbibed each day.

We have long been informed that we should all be drinking eight cups of water per day. The problem with this is that the amount of fluid that needs to be imbibed actually varies depending on the temperature, what you are doing, and even on genetic factors.

What does it actually mean to be dehydrated? Here are some of the effects of not drinking enough fluid:

  • Fatigue and tiredness,
  • Irritability,
  • Difficulty concentrating and taking in information,
  • Cloudy memory.


A High Tech Solution To The Problem Of Dehydration

It is all well and good to tell people that they should be drinking enough water each day to remain hydrated, but people have busy lives and they don’t always remember to drink. Some people take water bottles to their place of work to remind them, but the truth – as indicated by the statistic already mentioned – is that most people forget to drink enough. This is where new water bottle technology can help.

As fitness bands and fitness tracking applications have become more popular, it was only a matter of time before the Pryme Vessyl high tech water bottle was made. By using this product, anyone can easily track how much water they have had from the bottle, and how hydrated they are.

Once the user’s vital statistic have been entered into the device, the inbuilt hydration software determines how much water the user needs to have each day and actually tracks when water is drunk by the user. This high tech water bottle also connects with popular fitness applications so it can modify water intake based on the user’s daily activity.

If you need to drink more water, why not check out the Prime Vessyl? You can always fill it with our Lemon Power Water if you feel like you need a kick-start!

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