Water is essential for all life on earth; the earth itself is over seventy percent water, and the human body is over sixty percent water. We all know that water is important for our health and well-being, and that we couldn’t live without it. We all know for better health just drink water. This brings up an interesting question, though: why is it that most of us don’t drink enough of the water that we need?

We all know that staying hydrated is necessary for our health and wellness, yet the majority of people in America aren’t getting enough water. According to Medical Daily, chronic dehydration effects about seventy-five percent of the American population. Chronic dehydration is a huge problem, and it’s one that can have a vastly negative impact on your health.

Many people believe that the first sign of dehydration is thirst. Actually, thirst is only one of many signals that your body sends to your brain to indicate that you’re dehydrated. By the time you actually feel thirsty, you’re probably dehydrated already. The first signals that your body sends to your brain are less obvious than thirst; these signals can be body aches or a slight headache, feeling listless, or having trouble concentrating. While we often attribute these symptoms to other causes, usually they all stem from the same problem: dehydration.

Because your body is so dependent on water to function, dehydration can cause problems in literally every area of your physical health. The main things effected by water loss are your internal organs. When it doesn’t have enough water to distribute to every system, your body will take water from lower priority organs and transfer it to higher priority organs to protect them. One of the first organs to be affected is the colon. The body pulls water from the colon and transports it to organs that are more important for your survival: such as the heart, the brain, and the lungs. This is often the cause of constipation; without enough water to transport waste effectively, the colon simply slows the process down. If you suffer from this very common problem, you may not need to invest in laxatives; it’s possible that you are simply suffering from a symptom of chronic dehydration.

The colon isn’t the only organ that is impaired by dehydration. The liver and kidneys suffer as well. What do all of these organs have in common? All of them are responsible for flushing toxins and waste products from the body. When they aren’t able to function properly due to dehydration, toxins build up inside the body and leave you feeling tired, run-down, and sick. Drinking more water won’t just help certain organs to work better, it will improve your overall health and well-being as well.

Another aspect of your health effected by dehydration is your mental health. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that your brain is made up mostly of water – any dehydration will have a negative impact on its function. While it’s easy to blame mental fatigue and concentration problems on stress, these symptoms are often a result of dehydration. Without enough water to keep your mental systems running, you may feel irritable, groggy, or even have mild memory loss.
Individuals with depression and anxiety will benefit from better hydration also. While drinking more water certainly won’t cure these disorders, it can make a big difference in easing the symptoms and encouraging better overall health.

Drinking more water will improve the way you feel both mentally and physically, and can help alleviate a wide array of health concerns.

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