Plastic pollution is a real problem for all of us. Drinking plenty of water is great for your health but drinking it from disposable water bottles mean a lot of plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills. You can help reduce plastic pollution with water coolers in your home and workplace

Fewer Bottles

The best way to reduce plastic pollution is to use less plastic! If there are large bottles of water for use at the water coolers with reusable bottles or cups reduces plastic consumption by hundreds of bottles.

The large bottles used for water coolers are reused many times and then can be recycled or re-purposed into many different things. Glass bottles help reduce the plastic pollution and nearly all kinds of glass can be recycled. Swap your soda habit for water from water coolers and you’ll be saving the planet and your health all at once!


It is estimated that for every six plastic bottles used, only one of them ends up in the recycling bin. The rest are tossed in with the garbage that ends up in our city’s landfills or dumped out at sea. Depending on the type of plastic they are made of, a plastic bottle takes an average of 450 years to biodegrade. Some can take 1,000 years or more! Recycling also uses energy so it isn’t the ideal way to eliminate pollution but if it’s the only thing you can do, it’s worth a try!

Pick up a cool reusable bottle and carry it with you everywhere to ensure you always have fresh water available to stay hydrated.


Help the environment while also helping your health by utilizing water coolers instead of disposable plastic bottles and help take a step toward a greener planet.

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