With the weather cooling down, people may think they don’t need to worry about dehydration as much as they do during the hot summer months but the effects of dehydration can still take their toll. One may not consider how dehydration is related to a number of diseases and Conditions.

Dehydration has many effects on both your body and mind. Ensuring that you have regularly scheduled water delivery in Las Vegas, will allow you to have readily available fresh water.

Effects of Dehydration on Muscles

Your muscles are controlled by your brain sending signals through your nerves. Simply walking, breathing, and blinking uses muscles. Nerves and muscles both need water to function properly. If you are dehydrated, the signals from your brain to your muscles will be slower than usual and, in extreme cases, can get confused altogether causing coordination issues, muscles twitches, and more serious problems.

Often times the symptoms of dehydration of muscles can be seen in muscle cramps or spasms. These are involuntary contracted muscles that don’t relax. Adequate hydration, nutrition and stretching can generally succumb a basic muscle cramp, however you may need to see your doctor if your condition worsens.

Deterioration of  your Mind due to Dehydration

Your brain is approximately 75 percent water. The synapses in your brain that allow cognitive thought need your brain and body to be properly hydrated to work properly. People who are dehydrated begin to have symptoms like slurred speech, inability to find words quickly, and disorientation, much like the effects of a stroke. Issues such as dizziness, tension headaches or fainting are also some conditions that are increased by dehydration.

Water Weight

After the holiday season, one of the focuses of New Year’s resolutions is weight loss. Being properly hydrated is critical to weight loss, especially since “water weight” is a real problem. Your body’s instinct when it isn’t getting enough water is to hold on to the water it has- it doesn’t know when it’s going to get anymore! Drinking plenty of water both keeps you hydrated and flushes toxins from your body to help you lose weight.

Appetite and Dehydration

When we are dehydrated, our bodies send signals to our brains that can be interpreted incorrectly if we are not in tune with our bodies. A thirst pang might be interpreted as a hunger pang which no food can quench. Proper hydration allows the body’s signals to be properly interpreted so you don’t grab a piece of pizza when all your body really needs is a glass of water.

Additional Diseases and Conditions

Water is such a fragile element in the dynamics of our body. Having your water delivery scheduled will allow you a chance to make sure your family and employees are retaining the proper hydration throughout their day. Other diseases and conditions related to dehydration are: Kidney Stones, Kidney Failure, Staph Infection, Colitis, Low Blood Pressure, Diarrhea, and Kidney Infection are also some primary conditions and diseases that could be increased by dehydration.

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