Headaches are no fun. They can make even a good day seem miserable, as every noise is amplified and simply opening your eyes can be painful. If you are stuck at work, out camping, or in some other situation where seeing a doctor and getting a prescription is out of the question, there are home remedies that you can try to ease your headache pain.

simple solutions to ease headaches

Stretching can help ease headache pain, and it is a particularly useful solution because you can do stretches anywhere. Stretching helps with headaches because it alleviates the tension in your nerves that can cause headaches. A simple stretch you can do is to roll your shoulders back and forth about a dozen times. Couple rolling your shoulders with gently rolling your neck back and forth from left to right, and you may notice your headache begin to fade soon after you stretch.


Hydration is another simple headache solution. Of course, if you suffer from severe headaches such as migraines, drinking water won’t cure your headache. However, for a dull, persistent ache, upping your water intake can ease the pain. Dehydration can cause headaches (as anyone who has been hungover can attest), so avoiding and easing headaches can be as simple as drinking water.


A third option for easing headaches is to use essential oils. Peppermint, in particular, can fight your headache pain. You can rub a drop of the oil on your temples, or use it in a diffuser to experience the benefits. If you’re heading off on a trip and are prone to headaches, bring some peppermint essential oil with you. It could save you from you some uncomfortable headaches.Headaches can be a nuisance, but they don’t have to stop your day. Take some simple steps such as stretching, drinking water, or carrying a small bottle of peppermint essential oils and you can keep your headaches at bay.

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