Making sure pets have adequate hydration can be an easy thing to overlook. A lot of pet owners don’t know quite how much water their pet should be drinking. While others might not think their pets are as vulnerable to common problems such as dehydration – and the symptoms can be facing difficult to spot.

How Much Water Should Your Pets Be Drinking?

A general guideline is to give your dog one Oz of water for every pound it weighs. However, others say to give your dog ½ an Oz of water for every pound ii weighs. For cats, the general guideline is 2-4 ounces of water. However, the amount your pet needs can vary on a number of factors.

Other Factors To Consider

When determining just how much water to give your pet, you need to take into account their size, their age and activity levels. You’ll also need to consider the weather conditions, and pet owners need to be especially careful if they’re taking their dog travelling in hot weather. Water requirements will also depend on the type of diet your pet eats. If they eat largely dry foods, they will have a larger need for water, while pets that have diets based on wet foods need less.

Making Sure The Water Is Fit To Drink

Don’t just give your dog water – keep it clean and fresh as well. Change the water twice a day and make sure the bowl is kept clean. Make sure that you top up low levels of water so that there is always a fresh supply available for your pet. If you’re worried about impurities buy a filter. For cats, again make sure their water is kept clean and use filtered water to reduce the levels/taste of chlorine. It’s also a good idea to  consider using a water fountain.


Adequate hydration is crucial to your pet’s health. However, as there are so many factors to take into consideration it can be difficult to determine just how much they need. Following the general guidelines is a great start, but if your pet has special dietary requirements/health problems, seek advice.

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