Maintaining and increasing brain function are often on the minds of American adults and staying properly hydrated can help! Premium Vegas drinking water from Silver Springs can help keep you and your family hydrated. Here are 3 ways drinking premium Vegas water increases brain function.

Water Content

Your brain is made up of about 75 percent water. If you are staying hydrated drinking premium water, your brain will have the best water keeping it healthy.

When your brain gets dehydrated it starts to lose some of that water content which can be a scary concept when you know your brain needs water to function properly.

Hydrated Brains Work Better

Proper hydration is critical to high-level cerebral function. Dehydrated people are more likely to have problems with short-term memory as well as general cognitive function. Premium Vegas drinking water is more readily absorbed into your body meaning your body and mind stay hydrated longer. Your entire body needs water to function properly and your brain is an integral part of all the activities you do throughout the day.

Physical exercise requires brain function as does processing language, numbers, and emotions.


If you’re properly hydrated, your brain no longer has to worry about that primal function.

Your brain can more readily focus on the task at hand, like that big presentation you have to prepare for or the final exam you need to study for, instead of focusing on thirst or survival.

Humans have evolved beyond basic survival instinct because of our ability to focus on other, broader aspects outside our own survival as a species, among other reasons.

The fact that you don’t have to hunt for clean water, and it comes straight from a convenient water cooler, means you can focus on building a business or creating art or any other countless things humans are capable of.

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Why Silver Springs Water?

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