Slimming can be an arduous process. Hunger pangs can strike at any time, and wherever you go, you’re likely to encounter mouth-watering temptations. A simple solution is to establish a routine. This may be tough going at first, but once your body has adjusted and the routine has become second nature, those challenges to your willpower will shrink to manageable levels or even disappear. As well as planning your food intake, you’ll need to make a few rules for related matters, such as meal times, grocery shopping, social life and exercise. By adjusting your lifestyle habits, you can ensure a joined-up system that works. Here are some tips for getting started.

Eating patterns

Allow yourself three meals a day, so there’s always one on the horizon, and set precise times for each one (or as precise as possible), so your metabolism can adjust accordingly. Then plan your diet, ensuring something satisfying for each meal. A filling meal will help prevent cravings in between. If you’re not following a specific diet, simply rule out certain items, such as sugar, dairy products, fried foods or desserts, while still catering for enjoyment and that essential full feeling. Make sure your meals are worth building an appetite for.

Use a modest-sized plate or dish and don’t overfill it; you might leave a gap around the rim or only fill the dish to a certain point or height. Prepare exactly one portion, so you won’t be tempted by leftovers.

Keeping to your plans

Once you’ve set your dietary rules, you’ll face the challenge of sticking to them, but with this method, every small success is a step forward. The longer and more evenly you can keep to your system, the easier you’ll find it. As your body and mindset adapt, your arrangements will become more like handy signposts than rules. You’ll start to feel hungry only at the right times, and if you do suffer a hunger pang, you’ll be helped through by the knowledge that you have a good meal scheduled not too far ahead.

If people around you are snacking and you want to join in, a raw carrot or celery stick will serve well, while letting you set a good example to other would-be slimmers. A full, busy day will help you along between meals by making the time go faster and keeping your mind off your stomach.

Drinking patterns

Some drinks are more fattening than they look. If in doubt, you can check the calorie content marked on the bottle or can, or consult friends, a vendor or waiter, as applicable. A sugar-free version of your favorite beverage, or a calorie-free black coffee, tea or herbal diffusion, can be enjoyable and invigorating.

Shopping patterns

Shape your shopping to fit your dietary routines. For example, if you’re cutting out cream, don’t buy any. If you’re shopping for a dinner party, buy food for dishes that don’t require cream, rather than putting temptation in your own way. You may be doing your guests a favor too.

Shop after eating, to guard against temptations, and restrict your grocery choices to your needs. This may be a tall order when you’re passing all sorts of delicacies, but you can help yourself by taking a shopping list and just enough money to cover the costs. You could also promise yourself a modest, diet-safe reward for success.

Exercise patterns

Support your eating plan with physical exercise. This will speed up weight loss while also toning up muscles and strengthening your heart and lungs. Whenever possible, travel by foot or bicycle, and try not to sit for too long at a time. Sports and other active pastimes, such as gardening or dancing, will also help. The more pride you take in your body, the less tempted you’ll be to overload it with food.

You probably have a number of habits and customs in your life already, so it will be easy to take on one or two more. Once a routine is in place, it goes against the grain to break it, especially when it’s doing you good. If you do waver, though, just take a peek in the looking-glass to see your success story in the making — but don’t gaze too long, or you’ll be late for dinner!

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