As the year comes to a close, water stays in the news in Las Vegas! Keep reading for the Las Vegas Water News December 2015.

Fire and Water and Las Vegas Water News December 2015

Who would guess that water can cause fire? That’s exactly what happened at a long-closed radioactive waste facility in Las Vegas back in October. It was recently reported that rain water seeping into the ground was the cause of the fire at the facility. No radiation was detected after the fire and some remaining 55-gallon drums were reburied after determining the cause of the fire. Long term solutions are in the works to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Metering to Help with Drought

A panel that has convened to discuss water conservation efforts in Nevada has recently finalized recommendations, both short and long term, to be presented to the Governor this week. Just like financial experts suggest tracking where all your money goes to help reach goals, water experts recommend metering water usage. Metering water usage means the city and state can track where water is being used and what the best ways are to conserve this precious natural resource. The recommendations also include funding agencies who assist with conservation efforts, education campaigns, and looking into rainwater capture on small scales.


December is a stressful month. Our personal lives are full of family and friends, shopping, cooking and eating as well as settling into winter weather. Businesses are coming to financial year ends and preparing for many people being on winter vacations.It is especially important to set aside some time for yourself to recharge in December. Hydrotherapy is a great way to do that! It takes many forms but water is a great therapy tool that anyone can use to become a calmer, healthier individual.

Conclusion for Las Vegas Water News December 2015

Our lives center on water whether we realize it or not. It can affect us in the blink of an eye and we all need to do our part to conserve it whenever possible. If you are looking for premium Nevada drinking water, look no further than Silver Springs Water.

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