As we start to wind down 2015 and move into the new year, many people are thinking about the coming year’s resolutions. Getting healthy is often at the top of everyone’s list and two of the best ways to do that are to start exercising and drink more water. These two things are actually closely related. While thinking about your resolutions you should also consider how to get healthy water intake and the exercise balance right.

Body Mass

Your own body mass has a lot to do with how much water you need and how many calories you burn while you exercise. has a good formula to determine how much water you should drink based on your body mass which can help give you a baseline for how much water you should be drinking throughout the day. Keep in mind your recommended daily healthy water intake and add to it when you start working out more strenuously.

Exercise Level

A marathon runner is going to need more water than someone who walks around the block once a day. Losing fluids through sweat while exercising means you need to drink more water to replenish them. Keep in mind your body needs more than just water to rehydrate if you’re a serious, intense athlete, and electrolyte balance needs to be considered. For most people, water is enough during and after a workout to keep your body hydrated.

Environmental Factors and Healthy Water Intake

Your environment can affect how much water you need to water to stay hydrated while exercising. A climate controlled gym might help keep you from dehydration while running outside in the dry weather makes you feel like a dry sponge, desperate for water! If you know the environment you’re going in to for exercise, you can  more accurately determine how much water you’ll need. When in doubt, bring extra!

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