The Detox Diet and Detoxification is becoming increasingly important in a world filled with various pollutants, dangerous chemicals, and other poisonous substances that not only affect the air we breathe, but regularly infiltrate our food and water supply.  Detox diets work on a cellular level to clear out years of toxic build-up and help the excretory system become efficient again.  Detoxifying through diet positions the body for easier weight loss, enables the immune system to better recovery from sickness, and restores proper brain function, as well.

Detox Diet

Many factors such as stress, poor diet, and environmental factors can contribute to toxicity at a cellular level.  While there are many variations of detox diets, most emphasize eating foods that promote an alkaline environment for the optimization of health.

Do You Need Detoxification?

Over time, a myriad of environmental and dietary toxins can accumulate in the human body, wreaking havoc on the internal organs.  As toxins build up, a person may start to experience a noticeable lack of energy and general feelings of mental and physical sluggishness which, ultimately, have a negative effect on overall health.  Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Lethargy
  • Trouble concentrating
  • More susceptible to catching colds or flu
  • Frequent congestion or stuffy nose
  • Bad breath much of the time
  • Excessive bloating or gas after meals
  • Frequent indigestion
  • Dark or puffy areas underneath the eyes

These symptoms, as well as others, could indicate that your body is being taxed by an excessive load of toxins.  By employing mindful eating and using food to detoxify your body, you can effectively clear out unwanted obstacles so that your body and mind can function in a more optimal fashion.

Components of the Detox Diet

Although detox diets come in many forms and a number of health experts have introduced countless variations, they all have certain elements in common.  In basic terms, detox diets can last from three days to about a month and consist of consuming natural, raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  Most of the time beverages consist of lots of purified water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.  Most detox diets call for abstaining from processed food, meat, dairy, sugar, grains and caffeine since these foods increase undesirable acid production.

The Importance of Alkalinity vs. Acidity

The pH of a person’s body is an important factor in living a healthy life.  Human blood is slightly alkaline, maintaining a pH level of between 7.35 – 7.45. Disease results when the blood falls too far outside these parameters. In order to stay safely within this range, your diet should consist of fresh foods that contain live enzymes which promote alkalinity.  How you eat, however, is not the only thing that contributes to excessive acidity.  Emotional stress, certain medications, and a build-up of toxins within the cells also contribute to an acidic environment.  This is why detoxification is advised by many professionals.

Before attempting any detoxifying diet, it is wise to evaluate your particular situation with a medical professional.

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