Las Vegas is home to a lot of things including slot machines, $1 Bloody Mary buffets, and one of the most severe droughts in history.With so much information circulating about water and water conservation in the valley, one thing you may not think about is what is in the tap water in your home.

Below are 3 reasons to have your Las Vegas tap water tested today!

Avoid Potential Health Risks; Have Las Vegas Tap Water Tested

Las Vegas, like all other cities, releases a water report every year after doing sample tests on tap water available to the public.The water in the valley received a clean bill of health, mostly. There is a caveat applied to the report saying the water is fine but if you’re pregnant or have health issues that affect your immune system, you should consult a physician.

If you are among these groups, it may be useful for you to have the tap water in your own home tested so your doctor has the best available information should they recommend an alternative to tap water for you and your family.

Miles of Pipes

The plumbing system used to get water into Las Vegas resident’s homes is extensive. Anywhere along the way, there might be a rusted pipe or bacteria pocket attached to a pipe fitting. Those microscopic particles could be making their way into your home through your tap water without you knowing it!

Staying informed of what is in the tap water in your home means you can make an informed decision about the alternatives you may want to utilize.

Water Treatment Systems

Part of being a homeowner is making decisions about all different aspects of your home, including how water is treated when it gets to your house. You may want to add a water purification system or water softener to your plumbing before that water comes into the house.

Getting your tap water tested to see if these types of systems are really necessary, or will be beneficial, allows you to make a smarter decision when it comes to you home.


Getting the water tested in your home may eliminate a lot of doubts or vague “what if” questions. Contact us today to see if having Silver Springs delivered to your home for your family’s drinking water needs is right for you!

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